Below I’ve provided links to some of my favorite happiness-related books.

The Feeling Good Handbook walks you through some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, including a great section on cognitive distortions (i.e., easy ways for your thinking to go wrong). It’s a good resource for anyone who struggles with nagging negative thoughts, and CBT has shown to be useful for many people suffering from depression.

Hardwiring Happiness has a simple premise: the there are positive experiences available to us every day, and that by focusing on and taking in these experiences, we can shift the balance of our emotions toward positivity. Hanson does a good job of walking us through why this is true and explaining how to “hardwire” our brains to encourage happiness.

The Tao of Pooh is a light, entertaining introduction to the major ideas of Taoism, charmingly illustrated by the life of one of my favorite characters from childhood. I don’t follow all of the tenets Hoff sets forth – I am far more inclined to be a Scholar, for example, than he would recommend – but this book is a lovely read and contains some wonderful wisdom.