Friday, Jul 14th

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I tried a new CBT worksheet today, found on one of my favorite CBT sites: Socratic Questions. Some of my most pervasive thoughts deserve a good, hard analysis. I’m not actually under the illusion that I can permanently dispel my pervasive thoughts, but it’s helpful to have some really good counter-arguments primed and ready for when they arise.

Today I took aim at a common one: I can never get everything done. This is an insidious one because it’s arguably true, and yet packed full of fallacies. I noticed that with my mother-in-law here I’d created a mental list of all the things I would get done, as though having a guest (even a helpful one) would magically increase my productivity. Then when those things failed to be accomplished, I began to feel discouraged about how they would never be done. So today I’m going to pick apart that thought a bit; and then I’ll take the next small step on my project and feel satisfaction from it.

Happy Friday!

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