Wednesday, Jul 12th

Three Good Things

Mindfulness practice is a good thing. Where in the past I would spend large parts of a day like today snappish and frustrated about everything that crossed my path, I am now much better at realizing my state right up front: I am under-slept and grumpy.

With that in mind, I made the effort to take a walk outside this morning, did a guided meditation to help myself focus better, and got right on my Three Good Things exercise. My three good things for today:

  • My friend and I had a good talk about family and friendship and helping out, and both agreed to more easily accept help from each other.
  • Yesterday evening the kids and I walked to the park where they met some friends, and I watched my children have a wonderful couple hours of play. There is something magical about evening play outside.
  • I found my tuner, which had been missing for over a month. It’s amazing how its absence made me really appreciate getting it back!

Happy Wednesday!


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