Thursday, Jul 6th

Find Inspiration

I am reading Mo Gawdat’s book Solve for Happy right now. Most of the positive psychology concepts in it are familiar to me, but his story is deeply moving and his engineering approach to happiness really resonates with me. Also there are times that I just like how he phrases things. It’s one thing to know that quieting my thoughts through mindfulness can help me to step out of negative thoughts and gain some perspective; it’s a lot more fun to have as a goal “Learn to shut the duck up.” In particular I enjoyed his chapters on the illusions of control and fear today.

Another source of inspiration for me today is this TED talk by Laura Arnold. I’m not sure if it would feel inspiring to others, but coming from a science and engineering background, I frequently feel frustrated by how little our societal decisions are driven by really good data. Hearing someone else talk about the same thing, and name some organizations trying to make a difference, gave me a real boost.

Happy Thursday!


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