Tuesday, Jul 4th

Loving Kindness Meditation

There’s a brief description of this exercise here.

During our camping trip my kids spent a lot of time without the distractions of computers or toys. Sure, they had sand and sticks and water and crabs and all the other neat things that are available when camping near the coast, but somehow we still seemed to spend more time really together, talking.

At one point meditation came up, and my oldest son asked me how it worked. He’d seen pictures of people meditating, and he knew I meditated, but he’s rarely been very interested in how it worked. So I guided both boys through a very, very short introduction to a loving kindness meditation.

And they loved it. Even as young as they are, they could clearly feel the wonderful sense of love and compassion that even two minutes of meditation generated.

Today we are back to our normal routine — there are now plenty of distractions around. But today I’ll do a loving kindness meditation for myself, and tonight, after we do our evening reading, I may see if they’ll do another two minutes with me.

Happy Tuesday!


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