Friday, Jun 30th

Go Outside

I nearly skipped over this one, because I knew I’d be outside a lot today anyway. I’d planned to do a lot of garden work, which I love, and yard work, which I don’t love. But things did not quite work out as I’d planned. I started off with my least favorite job, mowing the lawn, and was making good progress. Then the mower stalled and, when I tried to restart it, the cord broke.

This nicely messed up my plans. And my scheduled happiness exercise turned out to be useful after all, because I was reminded that simply being outside is not the point: the point is to enjoy being outside, and ideally even break out of the limited little box I live in to have a sense of the larger world.

So going outside today means pruning tomatoes and weeding and picking peas, but also things like finding bugs with my two-year-old and lying in the grass, contemplating the sky.

Happy Friday!


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