Tuesday, Jun 27th

Guided Meditation

Yesterday, after a hot and busy day, I noticed myself getting snappish. This isn’t unusual for me, and generally just means I need a break. Unfortunately the vacation I’d planned for yesterday evening didn’t quite do the trick — it was good to get out into the garden, but doing so with children hanging off me just didn’t feel like a real break.

More unfortunately, I didn’t catch myself, and by bedtime I was a grumpy, leave-me-alone bear of a parent whose only goal was to wake up the next morning before anyone else and be alone for a while.

That’s probably why I chose this guided meditation for today, against anxiety and negative thoughts. I can see that my own thoughts were feeding my state; it’s tempting to say that I needed a break, but sometimes that isn’t available, and working to change the direction of my thoughts is a good idea too.

Happy Tuesday!


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