Friday, Jun 23rd

Most Moments Are Positive

I think I should make this my wallpaper. My day is better when I start with this reminder.

Today I am particularly noticing those moments which could go either way. My second son, for example, has a habit of telling me long, involved stories that involve acting out a lot of fighting, or random snippets of video games, and honestly I sometimes tire of it. There’s no context and no real plot, and although I don’t say this to him, I just don’t really care.

But there are other ways I can see it. I can appreciate his imagination, his lack of inhibition, or just the fact that he likes me and trusts me enough to want to share this with me. It takes just a tiny bit of effort to nudge myself in this direction, but if I manage it, I am so much happier with life.

Happy Friday!


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