Monday, Jun 19th

Three Good Things

As much as I like the variety of exercises I do, there are certain ones that I think I could stand to do every single day, and this is one of them. (I also wish I could work out how to get my kids to do this one; so far they’ve been mostly uninterested.) My resistance to doing so is mainly one of time — some days just adding one more little thing to my to-do list feels like too much, and I’m trying hard not to let these exercises feel like just another chore to be done.

So I’ve decided to compromise. I’ve been working off a list of exercises where each one appears exactly once in the list. Why not have my favorites appear more often? I can be just as arbitrary as I want, after all — it’s my list.

My three good things for today:

  • I took time yesterday to do an ink-and-watercolor piece for a friend who’s leaving the state for a couple of years. The fact that she’s leaving isn’t a good thing, but the pleasure of drawing definitely is.
  • We have strawberries, raspberries, and black raspberries coming from the garden! Feeding my children home-grown strawberries for breakfast feels like a major win.
  • I had a wonderful conversation with my best friend the other day about (among other things) educational politics and Nietzsche. I know that sounds strange, but in a time of my life dominated by children’s books and “I’m hungry!”, I sometimes really enjoy a conversation from the adult world.

Happy Monday!


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