Saturday, Jun 3rd

Repeat and Recharge

My boys are invited to a birthday party today, which means that I will spend several hours sitting around with other adults, most of whom I barely know. I am not by nature an extrovert (back in high school I would have characterized myself as “afraid of people”), and while these situations are no longer terrifying for me, they can still be a bit stressful. So I’ve selected my repeat exercise today, Most Moments Are Positive, to help combat any sense of anxiety that might creep up during the party.

I know that I always feel a bit drained after an unusual and prolonged social activity, so I’m planning a treat for myself this evening to recharge: a little project time to myself, with the children safely watching a movie. Since I’m planning ahead, I can be sure to finish up all the other little tasks that can encroach, so that nothing interferes with my project.

Happy Saturday!


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