Tuesday, May 30th

Most Moments Are Positive

There’s a brief description of this exercise here.

Oddly, I think that household illness actually makes this exercise easier in some ways. Everyone still feels poorly, and now that I’m combating my tendency toward resentment, I notice that I’ve let myself off the hook for… well, almost everything. Without the pressure of my to-do list (and let’s be honest: I actually maintain three separate to-do lists), it’s much easier to just hang out with the kids, deal with the current need, and occasionally read a few pages of my book. With that kind of relaxed outlook, it’s pretty easy to remember that most moments are positive.

It seems clear that there’s a lesson here for me. The question is, can I cultivate this relaxed attitude while still pursuing my interests, or would I have to actually give up my various projects and commitments?

I feel inspired to meditate on it.

Happy Tuesday!


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