Monday, May 29th

Pay It Forward

With everyone in the house ill, I find myself scaling back my sense of these exercises. Right now I am not thinking much farther than the walls of my house — or, if I can’t see a way around it, a very quick trip to the store.

My idea for today’s exercise comes from my experience of last night. By the end of the day yesterday I was tired and grumpy, and starting to feel resentful. Why do I have to still be responsible even when I feel unwell — to make dinner, do dishes, help other people with medicine and hot drinks? Why don’t other people do that for me? (Hint: it’s because my age can’t be expressed with one digit.)

It helped, as it so often does, to cast my mind back to my own childhood. I guarantee that when I was young I was just as oblivious as my children are, and my parents no doubt did a lot of taking care of me. I have only vague memories of it, since I took it as much for granted as my children do now.

So today I didn’t actually seek out a new way to pay it forward. Instead I re-imagined my day’s interactions with my children as paying forward what was done for me. And that has made me feel much happier.

Happy Monday!


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