Thursday, May 25th

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There are so many CBT techniques, and doing these exercises is helping me to go back and revisit some that I hardly even remember. Today I chose to use a worksheet called the Pleasure Predicting Sheet (I couldn’t find the exact version that’s in my copy of The Feeling Good Handbook, but there’s a comparable sheet here). The worksheet asks me to list activities  with a potential for pleasure or personal growth; to predict how much I’ll enjoy them; and then, after I’ve done them (with a good-faith attempt to maximize my enjoyment), to record how much I actually enjoyed them.

I don’t think I actually went through this process during my first pass through the book, but so far it’s an interesting experience. The first thing I’ve noticed is that there are far more activities during my day with a potential for pleasure or personal growth than I would have thought. Sure, driving the kids to school isn’t exactly something I do for fun, but when I began to consider some options (a book on tape, having a real conversation with them, listening to music), I had to include it on my worksheet. And I’m very interested to see how my predictions line up with my actual enjoyment. If past experience is any guide, I’ll probably be way off.

Happy Thursday!


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