Tuesday, May 23rd

Read A Happiness Book

Ok, it’s a bit weird to include this as an exercise, because it definitely doesn’t fit into the 20-minute slot that I try to mentally allocate for these. But I find it really useful to read books on happiness, and since I’m nearly finished with one, I thought I’d include it in this space.

The book I’ve been reading is The Future of Happiness, by Amy Blankson, and it sets out to examine the interaction of technology and happiness. She doesn’t dismiss the downsides of technology, like its potential to encourage increasing isolation and distraction, but she also looks into the ways that technology can work to bring us closer together or help us understand and overcome obstacles. Although some of what she talked about didn’t feel directly applicable (since I don’t have a cell phone), much of it was a good reminder about being intentional about my use of technology.

I have a long list of other happiness-related books waiting for me. Maybe it’s time to order another one from the library…

Happy Tuesday!


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