Thursday, May 18th

Reflect On Social Connections

There’s a brief description of this exercise here.

This happened to come just after an unusually full and connected day for me, so I decided to do this exercise in the morning, reaching back over the previous day. My three longest social connections:

  • Feedback from someone who is mentoring me in a video project. His comments were excellent and gave me new directions to go, and I felt very in tune with him.
  • A long conversation with a fellow parent while our children played together. I can’t say that the conversation flowed smoothly — I’m not sure either of us is socially adept enough for that — but there were moments where I felt very connected.
  • I ended up taking my two boys out for food, and had an enjoyable meal with them. It isn’t often I spend time with them without their little sister taking my attention.

Happy Thursday!


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