Saturday, May 13th

Repeat and Recharge

I’ve noticed myself struggling lately with the all-day exercises, the ones that require me to keep an eye out during the day for positive moments or kindness. Last Monday I resolved to set a trigger for myself of going through doors, which I would say was mildly successful. I did sometimes remember to think of my exercise when I went through a door. I also became aware of how many doors I go through in a day. Today I want to try to reinforce that trigger further, so I’m going to repeat the Most Moments Are Positive exercise.

To recharge, I decided to do a special one-on-one swim time with my oldest son, who’s currently learning to swim and a little uncertain of it. I love playing in the water and hardly ever get to do so now that I’m an adult, so I’m using the excuse of helping to familiarize him with it, and also spending some good time with him.

Happy Saturday!


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