Wednesday, May 10th

Three Good Things

I need this today. Yesterday evening I could feel myself getting grumpier and grumpier, which for me meant that over the course of the evening I was more and more resistant to dealing with children. When I couldn’t avoid it, I struggled against being snappish and unreasonable.

So this morning I’ve been digging into my positive psychology toolkit for ways to get back to a more even keel. I’ve already let myself off the hook for something today, which has eased my sense of the day’s obligations, and I’ve gone outside for a few minutes to vent my spleen on some weeds. I’m planning more outside time, and I’m considering adding a short guided meditation to my schedule.

I’ve also doubled up on today’s exercise. I did it this morning, listing three good things from yesterday, and I intend to do it again this evening, which hopefully will keep me looking out for good things over the course of the day. And I feel that all this is helping. Just the act of looking for things to improve my state has generated a sense of optimism.

Happy Wednesday!


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