Monday, May 1st

Best Possible Self

When I was first toying with the idea of setting myself daily happiness exercises, I did what any compulsive-list-making person would do — I started collecting possible ideas for exercises into a long list. Over time I winnowed that list down, separated out the things that felt too big to do on a daily basis or just didn’t seem repeatable, and selected out the ones that seemed most interesting to me.

And then I mostly ignored everything but my final selection. But feeling energetic and a little restless this morning, I did not want to any of my usual exercises. I wanted to do something different, maybe a little exciting. So I went back to my list and chose one of the exercise that I’d previously rejected because I couldn’t imagine doing it over and over. That seemed perfect for today.

Today’s exercise is from Positive Psychology Program. It’s called Best Possible Self, and basically you spend about ten minutes writing about your best possible future self — how you would be in the future if everything went right in your life. You then spend some more time thinking about what you’ve written, whether it inspires you, what changes you’d like to make in your life, etc.

Happy Monday!


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