Friday, Apr 21st

Go Outside

I lucked out today: most of the day is expected to be free of rain. Even better, the packets of seeds I ordered for my garden arrived a few days ago.

I am aware of a possible difficulty, though. Being outside is good; being outside with other people is even better; working in the garden is (for me) better still. But working in the garden with other people is also potentially problematic — if those other people are younger than four years old.

I know this from experience.

I’ve fairly often gotten myself in trouble by not planning ahead to manage activities, and then feeling stymied when children end up being more involved than is convenient. Today I’ll try to be intelligent about our outdoor activities. A nice long after-dinner walk might be good for everyone, and still leave time afterward for me to slip out to the garden while my two-year-old is distracted.

Happy Friday!


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