Thursday, Apr 20th


I have been extremely dubious about the idea of affirmations. I am not, as a rule, much interested in mysticism, and I think that I’ve generally seen affirmations discussed in mystical terms. So although I’ve recognized that affirmations don’t need to be associated with mysticism (there are perfectly mundane reasons why cultivating positive self-talk can positively impact one’s life), I’ve still shied away from them.

But recently I had an experience that has me looking at them again. I’d watched a TED talk in which the speaker mentioned the concept of someone liking their life. Shortly afterward, when I felt myself beginning to react with annoyance to something in my life, I suddenly told myself “I like this life.”

It wasn’t premeditated, but the effect was immediate and powerful. It was as though my brain stopped working on its previous project (Reasons To Be Annoyed) and switched over to the new project I’d just given it (Reasons I Like My Life). The mere act of consciously thinking those words generated a feeling, almost immediately, that I did like my life, just the way it was.

So today I’m starting an experiment: I’ll identify a few (not more than three) statements that might help move my thoughts in a more positive direction, and decide how I intend to use those statements.

Happy Thursday!


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