Tuesday, Apr 18th

Guided Meditation

This time around I chose a relaxation meditation from YouTube to try. More relaxation is always a good thing, right?

This one did not go quite as smoothly as some of the other guided meditations I’ve tried. I’m not certain how much to blame that on my own state — I’ve had a cold, and the physical discomfort in my body has been noticeably disrupting my daily meditations. For whatever reason, I found it all too easy for my mind to wander away from the sound of the waves that was supposed to be captivating my attention. I also felt that the meditation included just a touch of hypnosis, and I must admit that I’m pretty skeptical of that.

Still, I came out of it feeling more relaxed than when I went it. And there’s a great big world of meditation to explore — I can’t expect to love them all.

Happy Tuesday!


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