Friday, Apr 14th

Most Moments Are Positive

There’s a brief description of this exercise here.

Sometimes these exercises seem to almost uncannily line up with my life. I already had this one scheduled, and then was awakened early this morning by a seven-year-old telling me tearfully that he was going to throw up. Which he promptly did. The good news was that he got nearly all of it into the bathroom; the bad news was that he hit nearly every surface therein.

Most moments are positive, I remembered midway through the cleanup process. (Thinking about my exercise for the day soon after waking up is becoming a habit for me, which is in itself a good sign.) And honestly, most moments are positive. When I helped my miserable son settle again, it felt warm and caring. Cleaning up in the middle of the night wasn’t exactly fun, but if I opened myself I could find satisfaction in it, as well as compassion for the little boy whose body had betrayed him. And there was immense pleasure in getting everything taken care of and snuggling back into my still-warm bed.

Happy Friday!


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