Tuesday, Apr 11th

CBT An Anxiety

One of the techniques in The Feeling Good Handbook is a Cost Benefit Analysis. This one is fairly simple: You start with a belief or attitude that you want to change; you list the pros and cons of believing it; and then you try to come up with a revised attitude that is more useful.

This may seem mechanistic, but I’ve found it helpful at times. When I was deep in the pit of depression, I found it very difficult to argue with some of my thoughts. “I’m a horrible person,” I would think, and it seemed so obviously true, and my brain was so good at storing up evidence for that perspective, that arguing against that thought felt impossible. But even at my worst, I could still recognize that the thought wasn’t useful — it did not, in fact, make my life or anyone else’s life better. I developed a heuristic that sometimes usefulness trumps truth.

Today, inspired by my work yesterday, I’m going to tackle the belief that I must get everything done before I can relax.

Happy Tuesday!


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