Monday, Apr 10th


There’s a brief description of this exercise here.

I focused today on the feeling of satisfaction (more specifically, according to Rick Hanson, that of “accomplishment and agency”). This is a big one for me because my negativity bias is particularly powerful around Things To Be Done. I am big on having lists, and I get great satisfaction from checking things off them. This works well as long as I can keep up. But the dark side of this is that when things linger on my list too long, they start to weigh on me. Eventually my lists can turn into tyrants that are constantly nagging me about the things I haven’t done, and I stop feeling any satisfaction in actually accomplishing things; I’m too busy worrying about what hasn’t been accomplished.

I think that phase began to predominate roughly at the point I had children.

So today I’m trying to pause and notice whenever I accomplish something, even something as simple as loading the dishwasher or driving somewhere, and encourage a feeling of satisfaction in myself. And on that note… ah, I just finished a blog post.

Happy Monday!


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