Saturday, Apr 8th

Repeat and Recharge

My repeat this week was the additional mindfulness meditation. (I still find it amusing that I apparently like meditation well enough that I want to do more of it.) I went to YouTube again for a guided meditation, and chose this ten-minute meditation.

To recharge I decided to try something a little different. I’m often so busy hurrying through tasks that I don’t pause to really experience them. I especially notice when, after the fact, I realize that I could have done something slowly with my kids, but chose instead to speed through it by myself. So today I told the kids we could bake cookies, and made a point of approaching the process purely as a bonding experience, just for fun.

And it was fun. Not entirely without stress — I should lighten up a bit about messes, for example. But overall I think there’s good room for exploration here.

Happy Saturday!


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