Friday, Apr 7th

Express Gratitude

This exercise is non-trivial for my introverted soul. It isn’t that I expect myself to express deep, profound gratitude every time this exercise comes up (roughly every three weeks). I consider it entirely legitimate to express minor gratitude to a stranger. But I feel it ought to be more than a routine “thank-you,” that I ought to at least make an effort to give specific, meaningful feedback to someone about how they’ve made my life better.

This time I unexpectedly had an opportunity in the grocery store, where I found myself trying to check out with an overtired toddler. As she began to melt down into a sobbing, thrashing heap of tantrum, I saw the cashier begin to move more and more quickly. It gave me the opportunity to tell him that I hugely appreciated his speed and skill in getting me out of there.

Happy Friday!


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