Tuesday, Apr 4th

Reflect On Social Connections

There’s a brief description of this exercise here.

Sometimes I think that my lack of a normal nine-to-five job really cuts down on my social connections during the day. Or maybe it’s just the effect of being an introvert. For whatever reason, I sometimes cast my mind back over my day and am surprised by how little I interacted with people. (Other than my children, of course. They routinely top my list of social interactions, but I try to find at least some other interactions to include in this exercise.)

For most of my life I considered that rather as a good thing. One of the calmest and most creative periods of my life, in fact, was the term in college when my roommate was abroad and I had no particularly close friends. But knowing what I do now about how social interactions impact happiness, I’m less certain that so much alone time is good for me, at least long-term.

The three interactions I focused on today:

  • Talking to another parent at the boys’ school.
  • A brief, light conversation with a friend in the evening.
  • My oldest son showing me something he’s building Minecraft.

Happy Tuesday!


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