Tuesday, Mar 28th

Three Good Things

There’s a brief description of this exercise here.

Just knowing that this exercise is coming up has an interesting effect on me – I start to notice good things more. I’m noting them for future reference, so that I’ll have an easy three to hand when it comes time to actually write in my journal. This is quite possibly the entire point.

However, when in the past I’ve tried to do this exercise every day, I didn’t develop that awareness as a habit. Instead I seemed to acclimate fairly quickly, stopped thinking about good things during the day, and then struggled to come up with three when I sat down with my journal. So I need a slightly different way to hack my brain. I’m still working on it.

Today’s three good things:

  • A good talk with someone who may be a new friend.
  • Being “adopted” for a few minutes of play by a small child not my own.
  • An unexpected bonus of quiet time last night, courtesy of tired children.

Happy Tuesday!


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