Saturday, Mar 25th

Repeat and Recharge

I go back and forth on how to decide which exercise to repeat. Is it the one that I connected with the most easily, or should I choose the one I struggled with the most, on the grounds that there’s clearly lots of room for practice? I’ve been a little under the weather yesterday and today, so I think I’ll go with the first idea this week, and do another gratitude meditation. Today, looking out at the daffodils and apricot blossoms, I’ll focus on the earth and in particular my garden.

To recharge today, I have a goal: to plant some snap peas. I resisted this sort of goal for my recharge for quite a while. I had the idea that recharging ought to be decadently lazy, like getting a massage or reading a novel. And those sorts of things can be fun, but I realized that by limiting myself to those I was failing to pay attention to who I really am. I love getting my hands in the dirt; I love watching things grow; I love the sense of satisfaction that comes with accomplishing something; and with all the bustle around living with three kids, I often have trouble getting out to the garden. Basically, I should be following a simpler rule: If I’m excited to do it, it counts as recharging.

Happy Saturday!


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