Friday, Mar 24th

Take A Vacation

I seriously debated whether to keep this exercise, because I find it surprisingly difficult. But eventually I decided that is exactly why I should keep it. The fact that I have so much trouble creating that “I’m on vacation” mindset probably means that I should do it more often.

There was a golden age of summer vacation when I was young, between about the time I was eight until I became old enough  to drive, which I remember as endless long sunny days alone. I would spend all day in the woods or on the beach, sometimes hardly seeing another human until my parents came back from work. I remember the calm of it, the way time was never measured, only enjoyed.

That’s the mental state I’m reaching for now. I find it much more difficult to achieve, surrounded by walls or the sound of traffic, and most especially by people. Historically I’ve just assumed that those factors make it impossible. But recently I took an evening walk with my two sons, and noticed that despite the traffic noise and people, it was pretty easy to relax into the moment. So today I’m going to try to find that kind of vacation.

Happy Friday!


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