Thursday, Mar 23rd

Most Moments Are Positive

There’s a brief description of this exercise on the Exercises page.

Already this morning I’ve found this exercise timely. During my morning routine (news, exercise, meditation, etc) I was interrupted twice by unhappy children. Neither needed more than a few minutes of attention, and yet I noticed how automatically I focused on the interruption of what I jealously consider “my” time.

Instead I tried to shift my focus to the positive: the pleasure of exercise, the enjoyment of that first drink of water afterwards, how nice it is to give a hug to an unhappy child and feel that small body relax trustingly into me. Then there is just the background positivity of my life: that I have a safe home, that my body is strong and healthy, even that there’s supposed to be sunshine today.

And the world now looks better.

Happy Thursday!


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