Wednesday, Mar 22nd

Pay It Forward

It’s all too easy to not get to things. One of the particular things that I’ve never worked out for myself is a really effective way to donate money. I feel I should; I do it sporadically; but I know that I’d donate more and feel better about my choices if I had a more defined process for it. I occasionally envision a process where I set aside a certain percentage of my income and, at a set time in the year, sit down to choose how to distribute it.. The fact that I like this idea probably says all too much about my methodical nature.

I won’t be tackling that project today, but I do intend to use some of my Pay It Forward days as a little extra nudge to donate money. Today my focus is on the famine gripping parts of Africa and the Middle East. I’m donating to the World Food Pragramme, and there are undoubtedly other applicable programs out there. I obviously can’t solve the problem, but I can help.

Happy Wednesday!


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