Thursday, Feb 23rd

Express Gratitude

Writing in a journal about gratitude is good. Today I want to try something which I find much more difficult: telling people how grateful I am to them.

I already had this exercise planned, but yesterday I received a powerful reminder of how meaningful it can be to express ourselves to others. A friend of mine wrote me a beautiful note in which she told me all the things she appreciated about me. It was unexpected and lovely and entirely made my day.

One of the things I noticed is that the qualities she highlighted were all specific and reasonable. She didn’t go over the top with superlatives, claim that I was the “best” anything, or say that I’d changed her life. I think this made the note feel more genuine; it certainly made me feel as though she’d truly seen me (although clearly she’d been looking at my best side!).

Today my goal is to tell at least one person how grateful I am to them. I have someone in mind, a person who has given generously of his time to help me on a project. But I’m looking for opportunities to tell others as well, even in small ways, about how they’ve made my life better.

Happy Thursday!


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