Wednesday, Feb 22nd

Mindfulness Meditation

I debated over whether to include a mindfulness meditation exercise in my rotation, since I’m already doing ten minutes of it each morning. But eventually I decided to try it out, for two reasons: 1) a little more is unlikely to hurt, and 2) given my track record, it’s entirely possible that my morning meditation routine won’t last too long.

If you haven’t tried it before, the basic idea of mindfulness meditation is to focus your awareness on a physical sensation or process – the breath is a popular choice – and try to keep it there. As you notice your mind wandering (and it will), gently bring it back to the breath. In theory one gets better at this; I’m not sure I’ve ever maintained a practice long enough to notice real improvement.

I have noticed some benefits, though, even with my sketchy practice. I’ve had occasional moments of enhanced awareness, where I can stay distant enough from my thoughts that instead of being absorbed in them, I can just observe them, as though I was watching a stranger. Those small moments have been interesting and useful enough that I keep coming back to try again.

Happy Wednesday!


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