Wednesday, Feb 15th

Pay Attention To Kindness

This exercise is more of an all-day affair, but you could also focus on it for 10-20 minutes, perhaps writing in your journal  if that works better for you. The basic idea is to pay attention to acts of kindness, no matter how small, and regardless of whether they’re directed toward you or you’re extending kindness to someone else. (Or even bits of kindness between two other people!)

For example, today after I parked in a tight, sloped spot, I was about to get something out of my car when I noticed that the man parked next to me had just arrived and was waiting for me to finish. He wasn’t in the least impatient, but I know I’d be a few minutes so I let him pull out first. Or another example: my toddler decided to share her breakfast with me this morning. “You like it? Want a bite?” she asked me, offering her toast.

These are tiny moments, but once you begin to notice them you’ll see that kindness happens all the time. And taking the time to notice and savor those bits of kindness can make your day brighter.

Happy Wednesday!


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